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CDs: 2275
LPs: 253
12" Singles: 629
7" Singles: 901
MP3s: 8336

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Aretha Franklin
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 Greatest Hits (1980-1994)  CD
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(Sweet Sweet Baby) Since You've Been GoneAretha Franklin19681
A Deeper LoveAretha Franklin19941
A Natural Woman (You Make Me Feel Like)Aretha Franklin19671
Another NightAretha Franklin19861
Baby, I Love YouAretha Franklin19671
Bridge Over Troubled WaterAretha Franklin19711
Chain Of FoolsAretha Franklin19671
Day DreamingAretha Franklin19721
Do Right Woman, Do Right ManAretha Franklin19671
Freeway Of LoveAretha Franklin19851
Get It RightAretha Franklin19831
HoneyAretha Franklin19941
I Dreamed A DreamAretha Franklin19911
I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)Aretha Franklin19671
Jimmy LeeAretha Franklin19861
Jump To ItAretha Franklin19822
Jumpin' Jack FlashAretha Franklin19861
O Christmas TreeAretha Franklin 1
RespectAretha Franklin19671
Rock SteadyAretha Franklin19711
Share Your Love With MeAretha Franklin19691
Spanish HarlemAretha Franklin19711
The House That Jack BuiltAretha Franklin19681
The Only Thing Missin'Aretha Franklin20031
ThinkAretha Franklin19681
United TogetherAretha Franklin19801
Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)Aretha Franklin19731
Who's Zoomin' WhoAretha Franklin19851
Willing To ForgiveAretha Franklin19941
Winter WonderlandAretha Franklin19641